About the Guild
adult swim is an Alliance Guild consisting of a competitive group of players, brought together by a desire to play World of Warcraft Classic. Our members hail from all over Europe. English is our language of choice on voice chat and in game. Many of us have played in top-end guilds and have extensive PVE experience on many different characters dating back to the release of WoW. We have chosen to focus on "classic" WoW as we feel it has offered the best experience for us. Over the coming months as news is released we will be formalising our plans and building the raiding team if you are thinking of playing classic and want to raid then join our community on the forums and get involved.

What we look for

*You have the ability to control your own game time.

*Fast reactions and being able to keep yourself alive, while doing your job at the same time.

*Previous experience, the more the better.

*Understanding of your class/spec and general game mechanics.

*You value the overall guild progression over your own.

*You always come 100% prepared, you always maintain a high level of focus and you never slack off during raids.

*You always read up on new encounters and you have no problem adapting to our tactics.

*Being able to vocally express your thoughts and ideas as well as adding important inputs during encounters in a short and appropriate way.

About you
We really like people who have a positive attitude and a genuine sense of humour. if you can't accept constructive (and sometimes unconstructive) criticism, this isn't the guild for you. If
all that drives you is wild fantasies of having every item in the game, again this isn't the guild for you. You'll like it here a lot more if you play outside of scheduled raids and enjoy the social aspect of the game.

We run a tight roster, so when we're looking for a specific class it means we really need you and don't have the time to gear you up. You need to be very well geared and prepared to hit the ground running. We are a moderately casual raiding guild in that whilst we do not raid insane hours we are fully commited to ensuring when we are raiding we do everything possible to progress swiftly. We do recognise people have real-lives, jobs, girlfriends etc.

If after reading all this you think you would fit into our highly productive raiding team follow the links to make an application. You should have relevant level raiding gear, and be PvE focused. It should be noted we have minimum age of 20 and expect you to be able to communicate in English and be a team player

Apply by clicking here and follow the instructions!

All times are Server Time.
Wednesday 7:50PM 8:00PM-23:00
Sunday 7:50PM 8:00PM-23:00
Tuesday 7:50PM 8:00PM-23:00
Raid times are subject to change, any change will be reflected ingame via the guild message of the day
If you want to raid, you need to be on your main character at the time of invites. There will be no waiting around for people to log on and spots will not be held.

: March 8th 2007
Guild Master: Snookiwooki

Realm: Razorgore
Faction: Alliance
Members: 47
Focus: Classic Raiding

<adult swim> are recruiting
All Classes
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Molten Core: 10/10
Blackwing Lair 0/8
Zul'Gurub: 0/10
Ahn'Qiraj 20: 0/6
Ahn'Qiraj 40: 0/9
Naxxramas: 0/15


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