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All the information about our recruitment
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If you're going to apply, below are a few things and points you should read up on. Applying to us means agreeing and adhering to our policies - If at any time a breach in those policies are made, particularly during Trialist Membership; immediate cancellation of that Membership is our prerogative. Know in advance that if your application reeks of completely ignoring our policies; skimming this page instead of actually reading and comprehending it or write lazily and poorly, giving us the idea that you really can't be assed to make yourself look serious about joining us, it will get ignored.

Player Skill

WoW really isn’t very hard, but it’s amazing how badly some people can play. If you can’t avoid the multitude of beams, fires, clouds and other sparkling death traps this isn’t the guild for you. You should feel you’ve got a great understanding of your class and be on top of your game all the time. One eye on the TV or your hand in a bucket of chicken while you’re playing does not help, the ability to remain focused for the entirety of our raids is highly valued.


We really like people that have a positive attitude. You should be able to take insults on the chin, it’s going to happen at some point. If you can’t accept constructive (and sometimes unconstructive) criticism, this isn’t the guild for you. If all that drives you is wild fantasies of having every item in the game, this isn’t the guild for you. You’ll like it here a lot more if you play outside of scheduled raids and enjoy the social aspect of the game. Make an effort to get to know people and you’ll get tons more out of playing with us than by being a mute raid logger (unless you’re a tool in which case it’ll probably get you removed).

– Fluent English speaker with a working mic (we use Discord).
– A good internet connection; not two cups joined with a piece of string. If you disconnect every 10 minutes or your brother won’t stop torrenting porn, please don’t apply we already have 5 of you guys.

Schedule and Attendance

adult swim raids always start at 7.50pm CET and last until 23:00pm. During progression we raid 2 or 3 days a week, we will never raid more then 3 days a week. After progression is all done we will be raiding very relaxed with a couple days off until new content comes out. If you cannot commit to this don’t waste your time

The following is our schedule. Invites starts at 7:50pm and we always pull at 8:00pm

Wednesday: 7:50pm – 23:00pm
Sunday: 7:50pm – 23:00pm
Tuesday 7:50pm – 23:00pm


adult swim will award all loot via loot council. We distribute loot based on many factors, including raid attendance, seniority(how long you’ve been in the guild), and previous loot received. As far as tracking loot, you will see how that works when you become a trial member in our guild.

Our goal is to put the loot where it will best serve the guild from a raid progression standpoint, we do not punish members for taking items that are not their best in slot but still a fairly decent upgrade. We place a high value on loyalty and attendance, and tend to award the best items to individuals that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable.

Application Process

Our application process normally lasts about four weeks. However, it can be extended under certain circumstances. To fully test our applicants, we will always give them one of the hardest jobs in the raid. Note that our application process will be very harsh, only the best of the best will make it to member status in adult swim. We do not promote or keep average players, we need players that are completely confident in their abilities to play their class to the fullest. If you know(not think) you have what it takes to compete with some of the best players on the server, then you’ll do fine in our guild. We don’t settle for anything less than the best.


We expect all applicants to be able to maintain close to 100% attendance during their trial period. We expect all members to maintain 90% attendance life time.

We want you to want to be in our raids, and we will invest in you as much as you invest into us. As a guild, adult swim strives to be the best 2/3 days a week guild. We expect our raiders to know as much about a fight before even stepping into the instance.

What you will get by joining adult swim


adult swim is run by a core of Officers. When a decision is made it means that several people talked it over and had their opinions on the decision. Every officer does their part to help and run the guild. Know that we are all fair and understanding people, we know how to treat our guild members.

Once you are promoted to member your raiding spot will be secure and we will close recruitment for that specific class. However, if you continue to play horribly, or not care about raiding — we will talk to you privately and tell you to change the attitude or actions will be taken.
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