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All the information about our recruitment
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Character Name : TBD (Depends on availability)

Class : Warlock

Primary spec : Destro/demo hybrid (Corruption not possible due to stack limit on bosses :( )

Raid UI screenshot (use imgur) : /

How did you hear about us, and what made you consider applying? :

I heard about you on the Classic WoW discord channel where Snookiwooki advertised it under the guild recruitment channel.
I considered applying after reading the description and talking with Snookiwooki.

Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them? Do you have any references? :

Not currently in a guild since I disbanded in retail and didn't search for a new one afterwards.
One that I remember raiding with was called DarkReavers (gaming community) I however don't remember which one I was in back in TBC and doubt it still exists

Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility? :

I started back in TBC (makes me remember the beyond awful internet connection back then :roll: = and the earliest raid I remember completing was the black temple there may have been other however this one made the most impression to me. Afterwards I took a break from World of Warcraft and started playing again in post WoD era I don't remember which raids I did by name though since honestly they didn't really much of an impression to me.
I don't remember what were the guild names since it was years ago, and no I don't have experience in guild leadership.
Overall my experience in raiding my be limited however I make up for it by using my brain or in other words I learn fast and learn from my experience.

Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others. :

Honestly since it's been around 10 years I don't remember how exactly I played back in those days however in raids I try to play along with the boss mechanics and overall do my part.

What secondary specs or alternative characters do you feel you play at a similar level to your main? :

In MMOs I enjoy playing all the roles so as my alternative class of choice is a Priest since Warlock and Priest are the classes I know the most.

Tell us about yourself. Show us the man/woman behind the character. Impress us, make us laugh. Convince us we want you in our guild. If you don’t take the time to sell yourself, there’s no reason for us to want to take you. We’ve worked hard to make this a great place to raid and demand incoming candidates prove they’re committed to continuing that. :

If others were to describe me they would say that I'm a friendly person and in RL an introverted person.
Since I was young I have always enjoyed MMO games the most especially the ones that forces people to work together since it encourages communication and teamwork.
I prefer doing a short introduction so at this moment nothing else comes to mind what to write.

Contact info :
Discord: Gasper#3087

After looking deeper into classes and doing some tryouts in private servers I realized that Warlock would be my class of choice however if required I can fill either Priest or Warlock since I enjoy both classes.
I have altered my application for Warlock however in case I may have missed anything well it happens :)
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Thank you for the application, the officers will consider it and get back to you with any questions.
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Thanks for showing interest in joining our guild but for this time it's a no, good luck finding a guild for Classic.

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