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All the information about our recruitment
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Hello :)

Character Name :
Slayd (currently lvl 59, expecting to be 60 before this week ends)

Class :
Human Warrior

Primary spec :

Raid UI screenshot (use imgur) :

https://imgur.com/a/aVQ0Ken - Tinythreat,DBM,Details!, and more relevant addson for leveling/farming/raiding

How did you hear about us, and what made you consider applying? :

Dulken is a personal friend of mine, and i am currently looking for a guild to raid seriously with.

Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them? Do you have any references? :

My last guild was a friend guild made from facebook before Classic launched. I started my Vanilla experience in Nihilum on Burning Legion and stayed with them into mid TBC then decided i wanted to play less(was playing at least 6 days a week then), joined Excesse(that only played 5) :P.

Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility? :

I have always been a raider, and my focus have always been progression in raids. When i was in Nihilum we did Naxxramas. In TBC i did most of it, i remember killing Illidan 2nd Worldwide. Tbh the Whole raiding experience is kinda a blurr since its so long ago and so many hours, they all kinda blend together. I have been an officer in a WoD guild but that guild was a play when you can type of guild.

Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others. :
Execute if possible-> Bloodthirst->WW-> Heroic Strike(if 60rage build up and you cant execute yet), hamstring(for proccs) - (throw in overpower if it proccs)
What secondary specs or alternative characters do you feel you play at a similar level to your main? :
I dont really plan on getting a secondary specc, Arms warrior takes up a slot with Mortal Strike so thats not good, and i feel protwarrior needs the gear. I dont make alts but if i were to make one i would probably make a paladin since thats always been my favorite raider since TBC.

Tell us about yourself. Show us the man/woman behind the character. Impress us, make us laugh. Convince us we want you in our guild. If you don’t take the time to sell yourself, there’s no reason for us to want to take you. We’ve worked hard to make this a great place to raid and demand incoming candidates prove they’re committed to continuing that. :
Hey, my name is Kim and i'm a 34 year old guy who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a fulltime job as a government worker, where my job evolves projectmanagement and permits. I always been a huge geek and that shows in my interrests, which are WoW, Magic The Gathering, Diablo, Warcraft and CS. I just bought an apartment with my girlfriend and i am going to be a father in less than 2 months for the first time. Other than that you probably find me online everyday in WoW, i can always find something to do.

Contact info

Discord : slaydftw#0518
Mail : anarkiftw@gmail.com
Battle.net : Slayd#2747
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