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Sun Sep 15, 2019 12:19 am

Character Name : Aa

Class: Mage

Primary Spec: Frost

Raid UI: Default UI

I heard about you guys by receiving a whisper asking me to apply through the website if I'd like to join your guild. I considered applying because I'm guild less and I would like some people to do the content with rather than trying to pug my way through classic (I was just in an MC run and a healer just got the Mana Igniting Cord). I also would like to meet people to go mess around and troll the horde with.

My last guild was Gender Fluid Vegans, it was fun to level with them but the guild is dead now and I've decided to move on to a more serious guild, I gquit from there a couple days ago and they whispered me saying "we didn't like you anyway" so I wouldn't bother asking them for a reference.

I've cleared MC and Blackwing lair on multiple private servers and cleared up to SSC in tbc on a private server. I've cleared all bfa raid content on heroic difficulty but have stopped playing bfa since classic release. I have no experience of guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility, apart from maybe when I was home alone for a couple weeks.

I like to bind Frost bolt to my scroll wheel when I raid so I never miss a frost bolt cast this keeps my dps high and consistent, what makes me stand out from other mages would be my ability to give plentiful amounts of food and water to players without asking for a tip or calling them names.

I've levelled a rogue multiple times and thoroughly enjoy that I play it well in PVE content but im absolute trash in PVP.

Well I'm just starting off at University so that would make me 18. Despite me being young I've been gaming for over 10 years now and have always played with much older people meaning I act much more mature for my age, and don't bring along the dramas of having younger members in a guild. I think my age also benefits me in that I don't need much sleep so I have plenty of time to spend on Classic raiding and interacting with my guildies. Personality wise I would say I'm quite shy at first but I get to know people I'm extremely sarcastic and have quite a dry sense of humour. I'll always be the first one to call someone out if I think something is wrong and I'm not afraid to be vocal about my opinions, but I can take what I give meaning I can take others criticism on board but also have a laugh with people and not take it to heart.

If there's anything I've not mentioned that you guys are curious about or you would just like to chat to me and see if I'm the right fit I'd be happy to at any point.

Contact Info.
Discord: TheGrinchesNan#6470
Battlenet: ZooNoculas#2910
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Looks like a cool guy and would make a positive addition to the roster gets my vote.
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Sun Sep 15, 2019 7:09 am

Looks good!
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